Covid Delays & Finishing Up

This time last year, I thought I had finished Short Life of Trouble: The Legend of GB Grayson. My intent was to start submitting it to film festivals in August, 2020, all around the world. But there was one BIG problem.


As a result, almost every Film Festival had gone to a Virtual format or had been cancelled. I found this quite depressing.

After all, the best part of attending a Film Festival is, well . . . errrr . . . ATTENDING it. Interacting with other filmmakers, seeing a new city, watching my film on a big screen with an audience is heady stuff. So I decided to wait a year to see if the situation would improve.

During that year I continued to tinker on the film and had the great good fortune to interview Emmy nominated Folksinger/Songwriter John McCutcheon. What a gem! He is a true gentleman and an encyclopedia of knowledge on all things Folk. He welcomed us into his Atlanta studio and gave us a fantastic interview.

When I got back to my Blue Ridge Mountain home, I chopped up his interview and sprinkled the best bits throughout my film. In my opinion, it improved it considerably.

I now consider my documentary DONE. In a few days it will premiere at the Long Journey Home Celebration held each Labor Day Weekend in Mountain City, TN.

I am looking forward to then sending it off to Film Festivals all across the country and world. I hope it does G.B. and Johnson County, TN proud.

Fingers crossed.