Those Glorious Fall Colors

by Kelley St. Germain

Beautiful Johnson County, Tennessee

There is absolutely no doubt that the beautiful Appalachian landscape influenced the music of G.B. Grayson, as it did the music of musicians both before and after him. I would not be the first to suggest that old time Appalachian music is, in fact, the true language of the mountains.

Adding aerial views to show off the great natural beauty of Johnson County, Tennessee, was always part of my plan in making this film. How could I not? To be in Johnson County is to be immersed in mountains. Everywhere you look they fill the horizon. You can’t help but feel them in your soul. You smell them. You hear them. Sometimes you taste them. They fill all the senses.

My initial plan was to only include summer time aerials. After all, that’s when we did the bulk of our shooting. However, the beauty of fall was so incredible this year that I found myself sneaking out of the studio (when I SHOULD have been at the computer editing this film) to get all the fall footage that I could. The weather was often challenging but I think I captured some pretty incredible footage.

The stills on this page represent some of the gorgeous colors that I captured. Now I just need to find a place to insert them in the film. I don’t think it will be that hard.

Clinton Presbyterian Church
Doe Mountain
Butler, Tennessee
Laurel Bloomery, TN
Looking towards NC’s Pond Mountain